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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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>> i also will be setting up on the meetings with the commissioners who are chairing the committees so that we can go over the calendars and make sure that we are capturing all of the items with commissioner mcghee. >> very good. >> any other items if not, we will move on to the next item. >> which is adjournment. >> yes. >> is there a motion for adjournment? >> so moved. >> is there a second, please? >> second. >> all of those in favor of adjournment, please say aye? >> aye. >> all of those opposed? , therefore this meeting is adjourned. thank you.out.
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>> hi, i'm japanese with the san francisco public utilities combination sometime people call me sewer girl our systems has served the area for 1 hundred and 50 years we're planning you understand public health and our environment don't think that so come in down and see how >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, well, to the tuesday, april 1, 2014, board of supervisors and san francisco municipal transportation agency please call roll. >> commissioner singh. director lee.
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director nolan. director ramos. describing. platform you have a quorum and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room meeting room responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. so the border respectfully requests they be turned off. minutes for the approval. all in favor, say i. opposed? thank you. item communications directors there will be no anticipated discussion in closed session >> i know eave talked about
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this regarding the pedestrian and bicycle and repavement work that's on fulton street there's been a lot of before and after just to clarify when i asked for i'd like studio again ask for member content to clarify my requests around the pilot project on polk street it should be brought and the pilot is for l t s-3 or 1 the bicycle level of service and remove level three and four. i want to clarify that request. is eastbound okay with that >> item 7 directors. >> before that folks we're going to be discussing the budget but no vote today on the
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april 15th but we're anxious to hear from you we're going to rearrange the agenda so director reiskin will begin his report with the recognition part and move public comment to the end of the meeting. we'll do consent calendar the general comment we'll do the consent calendar after director reiskin and get to the budget okay. director reiskin >> good afternoon chair and members of the board and public ear focused around the extraordinary event that the city experienced on the large fire at mission bay there were a lot of folks that responded the police department and fire department were great but a number of sf employees that
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helped i'd like to ask john haley our director and our code enforcement manage to recognize some of the sfmta employees that were involved in the event. >> good afternoon. >> thank you, mr. chairman and board members it's our great pleasure to be able to introduce people that on the knitted of march 11 to 12 took exiled actions to insure on that morning the norm service particularly in a number of areas directly impacted by fire but it occurred it's important to not that day in and out our
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ryder's go to their stop and while in most times the vehicle is there were not for the work of the individuals we'll be introducing you to a new a moment someone would have walked out on morning of march first and got no service and be left in the lurk so you'll hear an exiled tail of people who took initiative and demonstrated creativity and essentially saved the transportation rush hour the necklaces day not only for our rogers directly but for anybody coming out of the city. by their dedication and vigilance to rescue trains that were trapped along third street
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we didn't know where the fire was going but to shuttle people and making a series of phone call and story trains to binge them out so the next morning what the city was faced with from a transportation prospective recovering from a 5 alarm fire not a transportation mess that was created by and it's because of the work of the individuals we'll introduce you to >> oh, okay. sorry about that cameron this effort i'll say was, you know, this term gets throne around with a complete team effort not
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only were the transit folks but the traffic control officers responded and the security personnel because we had to leave trains in locations but it was really a team effort. i would first introduce it is acceptable for you to get off the wall. this is the transit group. from transit to leadership that insured that both the night of march 11 recovery and set us up for the morning the chief mechanic officer made sure that the trains were not on the wrong
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side of the city and the folks who ran the trains ann draw andrew's began the process to manage the service and set you tell i us up for the morning and one of our inspectors making the adjustment and ernest the superintendent at grain who lost a nights sleep to get on the phone and direct operators to come into different locations so this is the leadership team that was able to put the plastic bag together both maintain and restore services the night of the fire and on above the board of directors the agency thank
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you for your outstanding work we appreciate it and so thank you and congratulations (clapping.) good afternoon. good afternoon. thank you. i'd like to say this was really a team effort. that was the leadership but there were many acknowledge behind the scene doing the hard work >> we do appreciate that. thank you, thank you (clapping.) i'd like to piggy back on what carr oil mentioned i'm proud to be work working with the people and i've been here 22 years plan on being here many more. >> glad to hear that
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(clapping.) >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. i also would like to congratulate my colleagues be it the inspectors you do not see i was telling wes kind of jokingly this is what we do it is also what we love to be able to do this and have a successful outcome meant the world so thank you very much (clapping.) good afternoon. >> good afternoon. yes. i'd like to echo the same sentiments we seem to rise to
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the occasion from urban management to the operators. it's a pleasure to work with the organization and i appreciate the opportunity i've risen up there thank you very much (clapping) >> good afternoon chairman nolan and members of the board and director reiskin. i also on behalf of the enforcement team wants to express my thanks and gratitude for the folks this is a real team the sfmta is very close commit team working with john's group the pcos and several other individuals worked closely to help the pd cooperation and
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clearing the vehicular traffic through the area. the fire we're save and secure. i'd like to call up randy ellis (clapping) and i'd like to identify or name and have them his folks that worked late into the night on that fire so we've got leo be linda, a.d. lad, lift ev'ry voice and sing in existence and curtis and herpes and jessie and james and michael young and benjamin if you'll come up
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(clapping) >> i can say on behalf of the board of directors thank you for your outstanding work in a critical integer we're very proud of your work. >> thank you (clapping) you want to say anymore. >> it is a total team effort we're proud to be part of the team and the operation of san francisco. >> thank you, mr. jones. >> thank you (clapping) director reiskin. >> so i think we'll safe the balance of the report given the number of people that are here for the budget. >> again ladies and gentlemen, we have two overflow rooms 208
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and 16 quietly make sure you give our testimony to the board. >> chairman for the record the advisory committee report will not be given moving on to the consent calendar public may address the commission on matters that are within the commission's jurisdiction and are not on today's agenda decorators no member of the public wants a temp severed. >> i ask that 10 point b be severed. >> so it's severed and you need to recuse you you're on this one. >> on 10.9 so we need to approve the measure. >> all in favor, say i. >> okay. so the consent calendar minus 10.9. >> you can take a motion on
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10.9 as well. >> motion to approve the motion. >> all in favor, say i. opposed? >> eaten a the motion to be approved for the item severed. >> all in favor, say i. any further you destruction. all in favor, say i. opposed? and the destruction of the fy for the fines and various rates and charges and possible new revenue sources and no expenditure revenue restriction and the possible capital programs and projects >> director reiskin. >> thank you, mr. chair. we've brought this and we're at the the 9 percent point looking
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for final guidance and final public feedback so happy to have the opportunity as i think said before we're really at a unique and very great position in time. this would be entering the second cycle fiscal cycle of the strategic plan. we're benefiting from an economic that is strong and much broader support for transportation from muni and, you know, i'll walk you through the presentation that looks different pea very much look forward to the. so if we could go to the overhead. i'll i i want to remind i in terms of the core values of our transportation system if you
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could advance the slide obviously transit first policy was placed by the voters into the city charter and the agency is us to composers the policy it's not transit only but prioritizing taxis and car sharing the more sustainable modes of transportation we include the green streets looking at accident street as a whole the voters put the transit policies altogether and we'll hear a lot about the social equality and we're the provider for the one hundred percent and in a city where some other costs of hours are rising i think it makes the affordability of the transportation system and its
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reach to the low income neighborhoods all the more important. so the snapshot of the current budget what it looks like it's a $1.9 billion operating budget and $1.4 billion capital budget it's specific year by year the golds we're undertook through your guidance are existent and high quality service and financial stability and affordable transportation the affordability an increasingly important factor in san francisco. some of the factors we're wrestling with they are benefiting from although some are arguably getting squeezed it's throwing revenue into our operating budget it's a good thing. we have cleveng bargaining
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agreement our labor contracts are up for negotiation that gives us opportunity given the strength of the economy and the squeeze on affordability certainly the men and women in the organizations that are represented will be seeking increases given the state of our economy. we've discussed a process by charter happens after the budget process so i'll speak to you guess we have now assumed in the budget the same assumptions in the budget analyst report which is a zero percent increase in the first year and the one percent many the second year to the consistent with the joint report. it's not unreasonable to think that the actual outcomes of the negotiation will result in
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increases and there's the cost of those assumptions like last cycle we'll have to come back in june. the other key factor is the fact that the mayor convened this at the desk last year that come out in november with significant revenue recommendations and this should those revenue measures make to the ballot we've been on stronger foots. so the outcome in terms of the operating budget what we'll e really drives the revenues first of all, are indexing policy and we focus a lot on muni fairs but it's all fines fees and fairs the index is up with imagining inflation which is great policy
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you enacted in 2345079 which gives us some certainty and sustainability we wouldn't otherwise have it bears repeating it's what's nbd us to get strong credit rating so we stretch our money. so optimistic the local and state revenues come in stronger than expected we get the set side in the budget that represents a quarter of the operating budget so as the economy grows we continue to benefit. on the expense side the 3 things driving the first is the service increases with your support friday morning and the
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adaptation of the transit effectiveness an increase up to 12 percent in muni service on the street. we're going to try to include as much of that in the budget currently 3 percent in the first year and 7 percent and 3 more to get that's the single biggest change that we're recommending in the operating budget. we do continue to close 80 that strategical gap in the structural engineers that's more tranquilizers and operators and more car cleaners so all the folks that support of the service you made a big step in closing the fiscal gap and we want to continue that. finally there's other resources in the agency we're looking to
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realign and invest in communications and technology and some of the positions that support of the outreach that we've heard we need to be providing more technology but also looking for areas to reduce expenditures. i think that some of the progress we've made in making the system safer have brought you down the exception in terms of the claims for workman's comp and dollars we're going to pay out so we've been able to accommodate some of the services being able to bring down some of the costs. so in terms of the fairs, fees and fines as i mentioned the great majority proposal index according the inflation what i'm going to be proposing subject to
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our feedback is a few delineations from the index. one is that we increase the a fast pace the bart pass beyond indexing and that's to account for the increases in costs absorbed with the new fast pass agreement with bart pr they've upping their fares that's a great deal for the people who get the fast past from barhop to glen park through did mission into downtown for just 12 discolors more than the fast pass. we covered the fast pass is among the lowest past cost in the nation so it's a bargain.
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the one other another deviation would be a slight increase in the visitor pass the 1, 3 and 7 day passes we've got strong demand and when you look at essentially the return on investment you get with the cable car trips their arguably underpriced. in terms of shifting fairs towards from h based discounts to the ability to pay looking at the following we have the free muni for youth program which thanks to google's generous gift that some of you accepted and approved we've got funding for the next 2 years that's fantastic.
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what i've heard from you during the discussion we've had to date is the desire to extend that program to include 18-years old and seniors and people with disabilities all again with the same low and moderate income criteria. we've also discussed i failed to include on the slide is the compliment would be to reduce the amount of discounts on the balance of folks who currently get the fair so instead of the 65 percent their get a 50 percent so emigrate low and moderate folks pie zero and the higher than moderate pay half fair. as mentioned pretty much everything is indexing. i want to suggest that extending
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the fairs among a number of other things i'll talk about i'll suggest that we make contingent on a review of the allocations fiscal health halfway through the first fiscal year after the impact of the labor negotiation and the november measures we'll see what happens to the san francisco economic and perhaps require an affirmative action but make sure we feel confident to afford this going forward >> with regard to enrollment there's been discussions thanks to your approval of the parking meter contract we've started the process of upgrading all the
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metered so all meters in the city will be the smart meter that acceptance credit cards and easier to use and easier to maintain easier for us to remotely gain data and making it easier for people to pay for parking. with regard to enforcement there's a number of options with regard to the improvement heeding the mayors call that we reduce the amount of certifications that people in san francisco have been receiving on sundays so there's a few different things that we've looked at with regards to that. one is completing restoring the course that you took two years ago in terms of establishing the meter improvement on sunday that
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was done because sunday afternoons had become like saturday afternoons what the vibrant commercial activities yet the commercials were not ben and it's difficult to assess by car that being the goal of the program found it achieved the program and increased the parking availability so we're happy with that. but share the mayors concern that a high number of people were getting parking citations so no enforcement on sunday one idea st. is to completely eliminate it or to regulate or composers only the time limits. you recall we made the time limited all